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There are all sorts of new announcements and articles coming soon!  There are a number of events and product reviews that I will be writing about and sharing on here in the next few weeks.  The first one is that I will be headed to Adobe MAX next week, both to report on the show, and to make a presentation in the NVidia Booth as a “Creative Expert.”  At 11:30 on Wednesday, I will be showing off how I used the CUDA based GPU acceleration integrated into Adobe’s software, to create the animated series Grounds of Freedom.

I haven’t shared much about this project on this site, but after a year of work, I finally released the first episode of my animated series Grounds of Freedom last week.  The second episode is already posted as well, and I intend to have four episodes published by the end of the month.  I will also be posting info about how I created it on here, as it involves Adobe’s Character Animator software, as well as a variety of other relevant tools and workflow ideas.

The other main topic I will be examining over the next couple of months, is GPU acceleration.  I have been looking at how much GPU acceleration is needed in a laptop over the last year, with my reviews of the Lenovo P71 (P5000), and the PNY Prevail Pro (P4000), as well as my bench-marking with the Pascal Quadro Cards.  Now I will be looking at a number of other GPUs, from both NVidia and AMD, and examining their performance in both desktop workstations, and more portable Thunderbolt 3 based eGPU breakout box solutions, starting with this one that I received this week:

So stay tuned, as there is lots to come, and if you are going to Adobe MAX, come by NVidia’s booth at 11:30 on Wednesday to see the in-person presentation about Grounds of Freedom.

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