Loupedeck+ Overlays

I am a big fan of the Loupedeck+ console as a hardware interface for using Adobe CC apps.  I have created labeling overlay cutouts that can be placed over the console’s controls, to remind users what each of them do.  And the overlays can be swapped out between different applications.  They are available for purchase from KBCovers.com, and I continue to update the overlays and presets as the software and drivers add new functionality.  Most recently I have been able to add functions to the rollers as well.  Download all the newest presets here, or get them individually below:

Premiere Pro Overlay 2.1 (Download Preset V2e) Youtube Video

The change to version 2.1 only introduced a couple minor changes, swapping certain buttons like Select All and Deselect, to be more consistent with AE and PS.

After Effects Overlay 2.0 (Download Preset V2e)

The update to 2.0 adds features to the rollers, and replaces the custom dial mappings with functions that match the Premiere dials, making it easier to move between applications with similar controls.

Photoshop Overlay 1.1 (Download Preset V2e) Youtube Video

The 1.1 update is mostly graphics improvements, with the tint and temperature visually illustrated, and things like that.  Functions were added for pressing certain dials, detailed in the preset’s instructions.

Lightroom Overlay 1.0 (Uses the default Loupedeck mappings)

Audition Overlay 1.0 (Download Preset V2F)

Final Cut Pro Overlay 1.0 (Download Preset V2F)

Customizable Overlay (Create your own presets)
This customizable option is a mostly empty overlay, that you can label with your own customized commands.  We recommend using metallic Sharpie’s or Sakura Gelly Roll Pens (Colored or White) for best results.

Older Versions:

Premiere Pro Overlay 2.0 (Download Preset V2B)

After Effects Overlay 1.0 (Download Preset V1E)

Photoshop Overlay 1.0 (Download Preset V1E)

Premiere Pro Overlay 1.0 (Download Preset V1E)