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I have begun creating a series of technology videos on Youtube.  While I have posted a few Youtube videos of my camera tests in these articles over the past few years, I haven’t been creating stand alone video content.  I still plan to use written articles as my primary way of sharing news and reviews, but will start using videos to share my tips and tricks, as well as workflow ideas and other software interface focused information.  My first set of videos about using my KB Covers overlays for the Loupedeck+ in various Adobe applications went up this month.  And I am planning to do a series of videos about more advanced settings and workflow ideas in Premiere Pro as the year goes on.  Anyhow, enjoy these videos.  The presets involved are at the link in the header.  And the overlays can be ordered from KB Covers.

The first one is about the Loupedeck+ and overlays in general, and how to utilize my presets:

The next one dives deeper into using them in Premiere Pro:

And the last one focuses on using them in Photoshop:

Anyhow, subscribe to the channel if you want to be notified when more videos come out, because I won’t necessarily post an article about every single one here.

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