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Mike McCarthy   February 28, 2008   No Comments on Seeking Interns

If you reside in the Southern California area and have a strong interest in the topics discussed on this site, I may have an opportunity for you.  My primary employer, Bandito Brothers, is looking for post-production interns.  These position would include assistant editor work, as well as many other media production related tasks.  We are looking for people with an interest in, and at least minimal experience in a variety of tasks, possibly including: editing, audio post, motion graphics, VFX, encoding, Flash, web design and programming, disc authoring, file management, PC troubleshooting, and other tech work.  We are a company that primarily uses Adobe products, so experience with those applications is required.  Mac experience is great, but you will really need to be a PC person to survive in this position.  Do your friends come to you with their technical problems?  Because that is the type of person we are looking for.  The positions would be well suited for someone in college, and ideally we would like to find someone who was looking to make it a summer job (we would be paying them by that point).  If you are from the area and want to work at a company that is on the cutting edge of technology, send me an email at with your resume or reel or portfolio or whatever you’ve got.

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Mike McCarthy is a technology consultant, with extensive experience in the film post-production industry. He started posting technology info and analysis at HD4PC in 2007. He broadened his focus with TechWithMikeFirst ten years later.

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