Things are Busy, News is Slow

Nothing overhelmingly interesting has been released recently.  Everyone must be saving up the good news for NAB or something.  I have been keeping busy, so I haven’t had time to run any thorough set of benchmarks on my new system.  After much frusteration and delay, I did successfully get Windows XP Pro 64-bit edition installed though.  I have never had more trouble with an OS install before, between Raid drivers and SATA Optical drive booting issues it took like two weeks to get it right.  Now when I get all eight threads rendering in AE CS3, the lights dim and my UPS starts beeping.  I don’t know whether to be thrilled at the computing power or disappointed at my electrical power, or both really.  Once I get some time I will get a new UPS and max out the system for a while.  It the mean time, Company of Heros gets great frame-rates.

 I have also been playing with an NVidia QuadroFX 5600 SDI at work, primarily with SpeedgradeHD.  Performance-wise our colorist is impressed, but the stability and reliability is not there yet, especially with AVI files or any form of compression.  I am also currently  working on my first full scale 35mm to HDCam-SR Log RGB workflow production.  So besides eating up Terabytes of storage space for full tape captures, I am learning a few tips and tricks that I will eventually share once I figure out all the details.

2 thoughts on “Things are Busy, News is Slow

  1. kujtim

    Hi Mike,

    Your articles has been very useful to me in the last few months. Thanks for that and keep good work.

    Could you put some more lights on SpeedgradeHD. Especially on its connection to cineform. Any information would be aprecciated.

  2. McCarthyTech Post author

    That is one test I have done. I get up to 26fps for CineformHD 422 files on my new workstation in SpeedGrade, so that would be fast enough for realtime if your content is 24p. CineformRAW works in realtime as well. I have not had a chance to try Cineform444 yet. That is next on the to-do list.


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