NAB Coming Up Next Week

In case you hadn’t noticed the huge deluge of promotional emails over the last few days from every media company on the planet, NAB is coming up next week in Las Vegas.  NAB is always an exciting event to attend, not just because you get to see and experiment with every possible piece of equipment and software, but because so many totally new products are announced that week.  We get a glimpse of things to be looking forward to over the next year, that will (hopefully) soon be making our lives easier or furthering our workflow options.  It is also a good opportunity to meet the “experts” face-to-face, to compare ideas and share information in more direct ways than online forums and blogs.

As I have for the past three years, I will be available at the Cineform Booth (# SL6929), demonstrating their software, usually primarily their Adobe CS5 based products and features.  Cineform was acquired by GoPro a couple of weeks ago, makers of the popular tiny HD camera, so it will be interesting to see what that combiniation has in store for us.  Anyhow, definitely come by to check out what they have to offer, or just to have a talk about advanced workflow options and such.  Those types of discussions are pretty much what I am in their booth for in the first place.  I will definitely make sure I get a chance to check out all of the other cool stuff on the show floor, and post some of the more notable items on here, before I return to finishing my series of articles on 3D Workflows.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

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