Welcome to my Tech Blog

This is a site where I intend to publish information about high-tech media post-production.  I will focus on new developments in applications for PCs, and the accompanying hardware to support them.  There will be everything from recent tech news, to general workflow outlines, to very specific step by step how-to guides, depending on the topic.

There are many other places on the internet where you can find information on these topics, and I am not trying to replace any of them.  Mike Curtis has a great blog over at HD For Indies but he is very Mac and OSX oriented.  He also focuses on the artistic and cultural side of independent filmmaking, with film festivals and distribution contracts and the like.  As noted above, I am a PC guy, and currently, my interests are purely technical.  I have been onlining a movie for the last month that I have never even seen, I just know that I need to start with a stack of tapes, and end with a stack of DPX files for film out.  David Newman also has great detailed information at Cineform Insider but his scope is usually limited to solutions he has created with his Cineform products.  Cineform is great, but there are other options that bear inspection and comparison.  I plan to offer information on a wider variety of products and solution for the post-production workflow.

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